A soccer article here? Actually I don’t like soccer but for lovers Snoopgram will offer a real time view of the photos of the UEFA Champions League Final 2014 directly from the Lisbon stadium.

How is it possible? Simply collecting a showing the Instagram photos of that moment!

See now the real time photos from the stadium where the UEFA Champions League Final will be played.

Snoopgram offers even more: other than a collection of places to look, you can move a pointer over a map and take a look to real time photos from all the World.

Art cities, famous beaches, sport events, where there is an Instagram user, you can be there as well.

Love Italy? Take a look to the real time photos of the Pisa Tower or the Colosseum in Rome, they are fantastic!

snoopgramAnd if you know a special location and you want to share it with friends, nothing of simpler: press the “send to friend” and you’ll get a link that can be posted on Facebook or chatted or sent by email.


Or you can keep an eye on photos toke in your hotel, or beach or event, without the need of a special hash tag.



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