When it comes to writing articles, there are two tasks you need to accomplish. First, writing the content and ideas is always welcome to craft something new and never seen before. Second, you need to find a good image (or more than one) to enrich and enforce your content.

Generative AI comes to help when you need content and ideas. Be aware, that artificial intelligence systems used to generate content are far from perfect, but they saw so many kinds of things they can help taking out an impressive amount of related concepts and topics to extend the original theme.

To add that new tool to WordPress I found and tried for a friend the Getwid plugin. This plugin adds several blocks to the Gutenberg editor, but I was interested only in the AI block (still in beta version at the time of writing). You write a short sentence (we should call it “prompt”) and the block fills up with generated text.

There is no need to subscribe to OpenAI or like, actually the block works without paying a dime (I imagine the authors are paying for us and shortly they’ll offer a subscription or the option to add our API key).

The second plugin is not related to the AI world, but it integrated the image search from free sources like Pexels, Pixabay a some others. And that integration lives directly in the media library of WP.

I think no blogs where articles are a day-by-day activity should miss it.

The plugin is Instant Images and it’s free: try it.

Since it is fully integrated with the media library, it’s not only useful when you need images for your articles, but can be used for custom post types like events and products. And last but not least email composers like Newsletter, MailPoet, Automation.

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