I think you experienced at least one time pop up opening on blogs you’re visiting and asking to sign up for some benefits, bonus, discounts, free download.

Pop up are usually invasive, if not “configured” with care, but are really effective: many A bloggers use them, staring from Erica Douglass of www.erica.biz. Erica’s pop up invite you to subscribe and download her (very interesting) Blog Success Manifesto ebook. I think it’s a must read for new bye.

Many other bloggers and services use pop up. And you? What about if you want to use a pop up in your WordPress blog? May be you want to use it for a product launch or an upcoming event.

There are a number of WordPress plugins that create pop up. Today I want to introduce Wp Super Popup and Wp Super Popup Pro.

Any pop up plugin displays pop up, of course, so let me to list what Wp Super Popup can offer more:

  • Visual editor, you get what you’re editing or… would you play with obscure and error prone HTML code?
  • Hyper Cache, W3 Total Cache, Wp Super Cache compatible (it’s important otherwise your pop up cannot display at all or display continuously)
  • Live preview: before publish you new pop up, you can see the final result

Wp Super Popup comes with a Pro version with a number of advanced features:

  • preloaded pop up templates
  • opening mode: in page or sliding
  • custom thank you message
  • auto retrieve user email when available from comments
  • embed any external page or any for code from services, like Aweber

Do you need the pro features? May be yes, may be no, but you can check the Wp Super Popup Pro sale page to get more information.

Few words about Wp Super Popup author: I know him personally and he’s a great developer. He supported me many times with my plugins (and I supported him, too) and we worked together on some projects in the recent past. And… if something goes wrong, there are 60 days money back guaranteed!

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