You can not. That’s all.

GoDaddy does not let connection on external SMTPs from shared hosting plan. If you want to configure an SMTP to send email (for example with Newsletter, but it’s not a Newsletter problem!) you can use their SMTP (which does not require authentication):

No connection to other SMTPs is allowed. That SMTP has a limit of 1000 email per day and, as I read on support forum, you must send email where the sender is an address within your domain (like

If you want to have more information:

If you do not use their SMTP service (but the standard mailing function of PHP – used by default from WordPress) the limit seems to be 250 email per day. I have not official confirms.

Just a note: my HostGator account allows me 500 emails per hour (if you want to signup with a discount use SATOLLONET as coupon code). DreamHost has a 100 to 200 emails per hour limit (you can use SATOLLONET discount code to have a 47$ discount).

I cited DreamHost and HostGator because I know them and I know they allow external SMTP connections. Other hosting provider are good as well.

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  1. Hi! I’m at my wit’s end with GoDaddy hosting and getting Newsletter to run. So far I have:

    -Checked to make sure chron wasn’t disabled in wp-config.php
    -Set up a chron to run every 5 minutes
    -Made sure Newsletter was set up with a go daddy e-mail

    I was going to try and deactivate the plugin and reactivate it, so went to export the contacts and now have fatal errors and the plugin no longer works or can be activated.

    I’m not sure what to do next, would appreciate any help! Thanks!

    1. Move to inmotion hosting. Everything works perfectly there and they are fast to connect.
      If you click on the link from my website you can get tot he right place. Get the Business class hosting for 2 years for $5.95/month. It’s also called wordpress hosting. Then you can request they copy your files over from godaddy (use the chat feature – they are very quick). Within a day or so of giving them access to your Godaddy account they will tell you it’s ready to have you point the domain over. Then point it and install the newsletter plugin fresh and bingo – everything works! I’ve moved 14 clients so far.

      1. Thanks Nina for the advice. I actually host through Rackspace, but this particular client came to me for a web design with godaddy already set up. I have used Newsletter in the past on my hosting without the headache.

        At this point I no longer need help as my client decided to use a different plugin.

        With the right hosting I do love Newsletter and will keep using it as long as I’m not working with godaddy!

        Thanks again!

  2. I am going to be moving everyone, one by one, to InMotion hosting. I have a client there already and the service has been great. They are a US company that is employee owned.

  3. Well – the long and the short is this: Don’t have authentication checked, use port 25, use an email address that you have set up that has in it (replacing the ‘your domain’ with the sites domain).

    BUT – if you want to use the feed-by-mail that isn’t going to work since the WP 3.3.1 update on GoDaddy. I have spent the last month on the phone with them because Subscribe2, WPgift certificate, and other plugins (even when I’ve installed WPsmtp plugins) is no longer working. They refuse to acknowledge that they may have a setting or filter or something that may be interfering. I have read on forums that this is not an issue on any other host. Unfortunately I have about 100 clients on GoDaddy, but I am starting this weekend by moving my site to another hosting provider. Then I’ll be moving my clients one by one. This was the last straw. Site speed and “load on the server” has become a real issue with them too.

  4. How do you actually set the smtp to be using

    I’m using the newsletter free version.
    Appreciate any replies or help on this.

    I’m at my wits end and is thinking of changing my hosting (not godaddy)

  5. sir i used your newsletter plugin but the problem is our main email doesn;t receive any reply to our main email our mai email is , I try to send a reply then the reply was send but doesn’t have any notification or alert on our main email hot to fixed this thnx

  6. Very good article! thank you to the author for it! In it interesting and useful information it is possible often times re-read it! I will advise to read it all friends. It will be very useful at writing of the article. Very much thankful you.

  7. Do you know if the same problem applies to 1&1 Hosting ( I am using their shared server and having a hard time getting the SMTP to connect to their server, even when using different ports.

  8. Hi,

    I tried your plugin for subscribe newsletter but I am getting one problem my confirmation url is not generating fully it generates only half part & on clicking it it gives error “The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded.”

    Plz look in to this


  9. Hi Stefano,
    I am using GoDaddy and have my site on a shared hosting with an SSL certificate. I have the Newsletter set to the PHP mailer and the feed is set to 300 emails per hour ad the newsletter right now is set to 200 per hour and I have had no trouble at all. I am slowly creeping that number up to see if it works for larger amounts because GoDaddy told me I could send as many as I want (but that sounded to good to be true).

    Love the Newsletter-Pro!!!


    1. NinaJ — can I contact you offline for some info on how this is working out for you? I’m hosting on GD also (about a half-dozen sites … personal, work, and client sites) and am looking for a user’s perspective on this plugin.

      Please contact me at efremj aT madhip DoT COm


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