Who am I? I’m a developer? A father? A fisher? A metal detectors addicted? Who am I?

I have a lot of “social” friends. Many are real life friends, others are more colleagues or people I met on the net because we share an interest.

So we are connected. On Facebook, on Google Plus, on Twitter. They receive my updates, I receive their updates.

Most of my friends’ updates are boring. No, not because they are boring or unable to communicate, but because their updates are about their real life, not only about things I share with them.

So, thinking of myself, most of my updates are probably boring as well. Terrible!

We are one single, unique, identifiable person. But we are the sum of different aspects as well. Work, family, hobbies. And for the most part, we are not connected to other as persons, but as a particular aspect of our personality, of our life.

Social platforms should care about that. Social platforms should let me to say: I’m Stefano Lissa and I want to share two aspects of my life: that I’m a fisher (actually I was a fisher – now I’m a dad) and that I like metal detectors.

So, when I update my profile, I can say: hey, I found a really interesting new bait from Finland to fish black basses… I’m near to buy some would you me to buy one or two for you (friends)?. But I should be able to say: put this notice on my “fisher” aspect, since the school’s parents which are connected with me are really not interested on it. Or may be some of them are, but the social platform could suggest them: hey, Stefano Lissa is a fisher… if you are interested in this aspect of Stefano, just enable that kind of notices.

Google Plus, with circles, comes near to that but a circle cannot be public. A follower cannot enter a themed circle to read from me only things he want. Google Plus, and Facebook, pretend me to classify my friends and add them to specific list. Who am I to classify others?

What do you think? I drank too much beer today?

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  1. Your English isn’t too bad.

    This is not a bad idea. It sounds like what would happen if Google merged their “Groups” with G+. It would also be nice to be able to post your Fishy comments to other people that have tagged an interest in Fishy comments. I for one would not be one of them.

    This isn’t software that you could write?

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