Header and Footer is one of my plug-ins I wrote initially for myself, to manage what I think are common problems for every blogger. Here I want to share a simple list of things you should consider when setting up a new blog (or revisiting your blog theme) and that can be solved easily with Header and Footer.

Header and Footer is a free plugin, I’m not trying to sell you something!

  1. I need to add Google analytics code on HEAD section of my blog (I was using a theme option, but now I changed the theme and lost the code…)
  2. I need to add some social button on top and bottom of posts and pages
  3. I need to add the JavaScript for Facebook like button, Twitter button, Google+ button on bottom of the page for performance reasons
  4. I need to add some meta tag only on HEAD section of my home page
  5. I need to add different open and close codes on pages and posts
  6. I need to add sone PHP logic while inject code con HEAD section or footer section or before and after posts and pages content (I know how to write PHP code)
  7. I want Facebook to pick up a picture of the post when I someone press like (without installing a complex Facebook integration plugin)
  8. I want a default picture for Facebook when the post has no images
  9. I want to keep all those customizations even when I change the theme!
  10. I want something simple to use with a user guide with examples
  11. I don’t want tens of plug-ins to make simple thing like adding a social button which conflict each other
  12. I’d like to have at least one of the Satollo’s plug-ins

If I would be asked what of my plug-ins is present on all my blog and that I would install suddenly in a new blog, my answer would be Header and Footer (there is a PDF user guide on that official page).

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