I discovered Twitter Bootstrap a while ago, but I never used it until I started an activity of WordPress theme customization.

That theme, as many other, uses Bootstrap to organize the page grid so it’s easy to make it responsive. Of course Bootstrap alone is not enough to build a website, many other components with higher design-impact are used.

But Bootstrap remains a very interesting tool to create webapp, having it some components for forms and content organization (menus, topbars, sliders, accordions and so on).

It’s basic skin is very minimal and with it I made some interesting experiments. But when it’s time to release a real app giving it a specific skin is very important. We know, customers evaluate our app with their hands and with their eyes.

So, looking for Bootstrap theme, I found WrapBootstrap, a collection of Bootstrap based theme one can use to build it’s own app. And they are really cheap compared to classical WordPress themes!

The collection, as you can see, does not contain only webapp themes, but even skins for website. think about building a set of landing pages which look good on every device!


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