A long time ago I attended a course about copywriting and, to be fully honest, I remember almost nothing.

But between my notes, I found a list of headline and email subject models that probably are still effective (humans do not evolve so quickly, you know…).

  • Can’t keep up? 5 ways to simplify your [something]
  • 10 shortcuts to complete [something] in no time
  • Get rid of [something] forever
  • 5 lies [kind of people] tell you
  • The shocking truth about [something]
  • 3 things [kind of people] won’t tell you
  • The secrets of [kind of people]
  • Do you make these 3 [something] mistakes?
  • 3 [something] mistakes you don’t know you’re making
  • Don’t do these 5 things when [something]
  • How to be [something]
  • How to do [something] while doing [something else]
  • How to use [something] to get [something else]
  • The 3 laws of [something]
  • 5 steps to [something]

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