Of course, when you’re on Holiday an hardware problem on the server must happen. So I’ve just finished to move the site to a fresh new server after the failure of the RAID rebuild on the old server. That means I was unable to restore the correct combination of two disks which protected me from the failer of the first one yeaterday night.

Moving to a new server was the most expensive choice (since not only this site has been moved) but probably the best one.

To say it all I’m a bit disappointed with Hetzner: I never had a problem with them, but when they replaced my broken disk, even following the restoring procedure from their site, I was unable to complete it since a command gave an error while preparing the new disk.

And since they don’t give “software support”… I bougth a new server and I’ll dismiss the old one (luckly the bill me monthly..).

Hope no one of you had problem for this down on my site.

Thank you for your patience!

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