Hyper Cache Version 3.0.0

Hyper Cache has been rewritten. After few months with two caching systems (Hyper Cache and Lite Cache), I ended up with a merge of the two, including the Lite Cache technology inside Hyper Cache. Lite Cache is a stable and well working plugin I use on all my sites and manages blogs. Hyper Cache had […]

Finally Facebook Is Protecting Me From My Friends

May be you know or may be not, but your friends on Facebook could have authorized one or more apps to read part of your profile. Typically the list of your liked pages. Actually, what was happening? While signing in a Facebook app, a user was able to authorize that app (is the app asked […]

Server Change Due to Disk Fail

Of course, when you’re on Holiday an hardware problem on the server must happen. So I’ve just finished to move the site to a fresh new server after the failure of the RAID rebuild on the old server. That means I was unable to restore the correct combination of two disks which protected me from […]

Newsletter 3.5.9 and the antibot option

Some Newsletter users experienced a lot of fake subscription and asked me to add a captcha. To add a captcha can be a problem, since custom forms won’t display it breaking the subscription process for who use them. So I tried another way: I added a subscribe anti-bot technique which uses JavaScript. Of course an […]

Donations From November 2013 To April 2014

Summing what remained on October 2013 (115 $) to the amount collected till April 30, 2013 I have the fabulous total of 807 $ to donate! Thank you, guys, you’re great! I donated 300 €, about 408 $, to MSF (www.msg.org) and other 400$ to Save the Children (www.savethechildren.org). Here the documentation about the two […]

Newsletter Archive Extension Preview

I was asked many time for something able to list all past newsletter directly inside a blog page. With the new Archive Extension, it is now possible. That extension add a special short code, [ newsletter_archive ], which lists the sent newsletter and let to read them directly on the same page. Due to the […]

Feed by Mail Extension 2.0.3

This version of the Feed by Mail extension has the default theme improved with a couple of new social icons, a large format for thumbnail and a sub title. The theme layout and spacing has been improved as well. Please, note that the Feed by Mail extension can now be installed as a plugin and […]

WordPress Featured Image and Thumbnails Enhancement

Many themes require posts with a featured image selected, but many of us have old blogs without that image. The new plugin “Satollo Thumbnails” not only provides an automatic filter to simulate the featured image for every post missing it, it add a real thumbnail generation with an integrated cache. This way, themes which request […]

Real Time Photos of the UEFA Champions League Final 2014

A soccer article here? Actually I don’t like soccer but for lovers Snoopgram will offer a real time view of the photos of the UEFA Champions League Final 2014 directly from the Lisbon stadium. How is it possible? Simply collecting a showing the Instagram photos of that moment! See now the real time photos from the stadium […]