Netbeans 8.0 Massive Update Problems

I received for my Netbeans 8.0 windows installation a massive set of updates (more than 60). When installed the IDE started to works badly with many editor error/exceptions. finally I discovered that my plugin repository reference was changed to point the 8.0.1 (just released version) repository. So, probably, all my Netbeans 8.0 plugins have been […]

Mobile Pattern Examples

I’m not a designer and when for the first time I tried to create an app (Nearby Photos) I faced the problem of creating a decent user interface. That problem has not yet solved for me, but I found a interesting site which collects a great number of designs for mobile application. From galleries to […]

Nearby Photos Android

I’ve just released on Google Play a new app, “Nearby Photos”. This app search photos (just taken) around you. Photos are from Instagram users. It’s fun! Get it now on Google Play.

Never Update Two Plugins at Once

When your blog presents a list of plugin to update, update them one by one, never two or more at once. Sometime plugins have incompatibilities. No coder want his plugins with problems, believe me, but sometime it happens. Updating a single plugin helps you to discover is problems are present after that update. If you […]

Header and Footer Version 1.5.9

This new version of Header and Footer contains a new feature: the ability to enable tags and categories on WordPress pages. When a blog has many pages it can be useful to tag them so specific injection of ads can be targeted more easily. For example in a blog that I manage, on top of […]

Hyper Cache Version 3.0.6

On that version of Hyper Cache a compatibility check has been made for WordPress 4.0 and an important fix added: the cache (wrong) cleaning while working on draft posts. I’ve been reported of worse performances of Hyper Cache 3 versus Hyper Cache 2. It may be but Hyper Cache 2 was no more compatible with […]

Google Spam Penalty and Outbound Links

Recently I helped a friend who got a Google Manual Spam Penalty because he had some links in his blog considered paid links. Those links was not really paid link but the whole post was a paid post so… they can be considered paid links at the end. That is not prohibited by Google, but […]

Hyper Cache Version 3.0.0

Hyper Cache has been rewritten. After few months with two caching systems (Hyper Cache and Lite Cache), I ended up with a merge of the two, including the Lite Cache technology inside Hyper Cache. Lite Cache is a stable and well working plugin I use on all my sites and manages blogs. Hyper Cache had […]

Finally Facebook Is Protecting Me From My Friends

May be you know or may be not, but your friends on Facebook could have authorized one or more apps to read part of your profile. Typically the list of your liked pages. Actually, what was happening? While signing in a Facebook app, a user was able to authorize that app (is the app asked […]