A Widget That Support PHP Code

Sometimes is helpful to have a text widget for the sidebar able to execute PHP code. I use it for conditional widget content display, for example when I need to put different ads or different banners looking at the category of the displayed post. Instead to have a totally new widget, with the PHP Text […]

Nearby Photos 2.0.3 Released

After a couple of 2.x beta versions, now Nearby Photos 2 series has been released. In this version you’ll find the “Explorer” panel, where you can move over the World map and snoop photos from all around the world. You can get Nearby Photos for your Android phone from the Google Play Store or read […]

Newsletter 3.6.4 Released

This new release contains some fixes for the Greek language (and few others), enable a global constant to redefine the log folder, removes the feed by mail demo code to make the plugin light (but you can install the full demo from here). On some blogs I found the Reports Extension to be “sensible” to […]

Newsletter Reports 2.0.7 Released

I’ve just released an updated version of the Newsletter Reports extension due to a possible problem when updating the Newsletter plugin. It happens only when the update of Newsletter fails for some reasons and Newsletter ends remaining deactivated. The Reports Extension, not finding Newsletter installed, wrongly raise a fatal error and the blog can end […]

Hyper Cache 3.1.2 Released

Today I released a fix for Hyper Cache which correct a bug which caused the comment form to be shown completed with wrong values. I’ve got, till now, good feed backs for version 3.x of Hyper Cache: I tried to keep it simple and efficient I decided to NOT add all that ultra advanced features […]

Nearby Photos Beta Tester

Nearby Photos is growing and some of you may want to be part of the beta test group to have new features before the official releases, of course with the possibility to discuss and contribute. To be part of the beta tester group, as required by Google, you should be member of specific Google plus […]

Android Icon Generator

Since I started to develop my first android application (Nearby Photos) I found the Android environment missing a lot of high level features which help the developer to produce high quality app. One of the problem is the generation of assets for the numerous resolutions (l, m, h, x, xx) which should be part of […]

Netbeans 8.0 Massive Update Problems

I received for my Netbeans 8.0 windows installation a massive set of updates (more than 60). When installed the IDE started to works badly with many editor error/exceptions. finally I discovered that my plugin repository reference was changed to point the 8.0.1 (just released version) repository. So, probably, all my Netbeans 8.0 plugins have been […]

Mobile Pattern Examples

I’m not a designer and when for the first time I tried to create an app (Nearby Photos) I faced the problem of creating a decent user interface. That problem has not yet solved for me, but I found a interesting site which collects a great number of designs for mobile application. From galleries to […]