How the_excerpt() function works in WordPress

You may think that a function like “the_excerpt()” on WordPress is something of simple. Actually it is not and I discovered it while trying to manipulate it. The function “the_excerpt()” is widely used in themes to create a brief presentation of a post. The function extract few words from the post, removing not useful stuff […]

JSP and the Content Type charset and the Page Encoding attribute

The charset and the pageEncoding specified on a JSP page are very different things, but sometime coders are get confused by them. A JSP page can ahve this directive on the top: <%@page contentType=”text/html;charset=UTF-8″ pageEncoding=”UTF-8″%> Why one should double specify the charset? The contentType charset is how the servlet container which runs the JSP (for […]

Mandrill Extensions 1.1.0 Released

Finally the Mandrill API are there. With version 1.1.0 of the Mandrill (Mailchimp) Extension for Newsletter, it’s possible to use Mandrill with their native API. That method solves the problem of using the SMTP service with providers that don’t allow connections to external SMTPs. Like GoDaddy… Have a nice mail marketing!  

Newsletter 3.5.0 Released

This new version of Newsletter plugin for WordPress contains some fix that should help to avoid problem on some installations with particular restrictions. This is a fix release with some user interface changes, even if I would to find the time to redesign the administrative panels more radically. Any problem with this release should be […]

Newsletter Plugin Public Git Repository

Hi, due to my scarcity of time I never setup a public repository (other than the WordPress Plugin Repository) where to share the Newsletter plugin code. Today I did it. You can find it on: so now it should be easy to work on it and send me the pull request as many already […]